MP Police Constable Paper 30 August 2017

MP Police Constable Exam Question Paper 30 August 2017, Answers, Cut-Off Marks: Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is conducting MP Police Constable examination in various shifts from 19th August to 18th September 2017 at various centers ONLINE. Here we will provide Madhya Pradesh Police Constable Exam Question Papers with Answers Daily from 19 August to 18 September 2017 based on memory, and various online sources on our Mobile App, Facebook Page and Website by candidates. You can also share the MP Police Constable Exam Papers 19 August to 18 September 2017 in comment box and discuss the answer with candidates with possible cut-off Marks and other details.
MP Police Constable Exam Paper 30 August 2017:
  • मध्यप्रदेश का तीर्थराज किसे कहा जाता है? – अमरकंटक
  • टीकमगढ़ से कौनसी नदी निकलती है? – बेतवा
  • राष्ट्रीय गान गाने की कुल अवधि कितनी होती है? – 52 सेकंड
  • पंडित रविशंकर किस्से सम्बंधित हैं? – सितार
  • देवधर ट्रॉफी किस खेल से सम्बंधित है? – क्रिकेट
  • केरल के मुख्यमंत्री कौन हैं? – श्री पिनाराई विजयन
  • नोटबंदी की घोषणा कब हुई? – 8 नवंबर 2017
  • गुजरी महल किसने बनवाया? – राजा मानसिंह तोमर
  • वन संरक्षण करने वाला प्रथम राज्य कौनसा है? – मध्यप्रदेश
  • भोपाल गैस त्रासदी में कोनसी गैस रिसाव हुआ था? – मिथाइल इसोसाइनिड (Methyl Isocyanate)
  • सास बहु का मंदिर किसने बनवाया? – कछवाहा वंश के महिपाल
  • किस समझौते में हिन्दू मुस्लिम एकता का प्रयास किया गया? – लखनऊ समझौता (1916)
  • बैक्टीरिया से कोनसी बीमारी होती है? – हैज़ा, टी. बी, टाइफाइड
  • जब हमें दूर की चीज़ें नहीं दिखती हैं तोह कौनसा दोष होता है? – निकटवर्ती दोष
  • भारत का 28 वा राज्य कौनसा है? – झारखण्ड
  • 2017 में किसे अर्जुन अवार्ड मिला? – चेतेश्वर पुजारा और हरमनप्रीत कौर
  • 24 वा संविधान संसोधन किससे सम्बंधित है? – मौलिक अधिकारों को Dilute करने के लिए
  • लोकमान्य बल गंगाधर तिलक ने इनमे से किस लीग की स्थापना की? – इंडियन होम रूल लीग की
  • Who was the first Deputy Chairman of the Policy Commission? - Arvind Panagariya
  • Who was the Deputy Prime Minister first? - Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
  • Who started the Bhoodan movement? - Sant Vinoba Bhave (1951)
  • Who is the Minister of Information and Technology of Madhya Pradesh? - Mr. Umashankar Gupta
  • Who is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra? - Devendra Fadnavis
  • Who is the Chairman of the Union Cabinet? - Prime minister
  • Who is the CEO of the Policy Commission? - Amitabh Kant
  • Who is the Cabinet Secretary of Madhya Pradesh? - Mr. Basant Pratap Singh
  • Who has named the protoplasm? - Purkinje
  • Who built the Moti Masjid in the Red Fort of Delhi? - Aurangzeb
  • Who appoints the judge of a state? - President
  • Which of these greenhouse gas is there? - Methane
  • Which Constitution Panchayat State comes under the amendment? - 73 Amendment 1992
  • Where are the ship castle and the Carnival palace? - Mandu
  • Where is the Koono Palpur campus? - Sheopur
  • Where are the honey and mustard? - Murena
  • Where is the COW study? - Mandu
  • Where did Swami Vivekananda give his bash? - in 1893 in Chicago
  • When is the Armed Forces Day celebrated? - 15-Jan
  • When did the Kerera National Park be? - 1981 (District-Shivpuri)
  • What is the Vikram Award associated with? - Senior players
  • What is the outer layer of the cell called? - cell membrane
  • What is the Ekalavya Award related to? - junior players
  • What is the capital of Sikkim? - Gangtok
  • What is Amoeba’s organism? - Unicellular
  • What do the positive rods get from the dry cell? - From copper and carbon
  • National flag day is celebrated? - 07-Dec
  • Madhya Pradesh’s only female governor? - Sarla Grewal
  • Leprosy Day is celebrated? - on the last Sunday of January 29 or January
  • How many states are currently in India? - 29
  • Does tank water appear lit? - Reasons for refraction
  • Chainamain is related to which sport? - Cricket

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