MP Police Constable Paper 15 September 2017

MP Police Constable Exam Question Paper 15 September 2017, Answers, Cut-Off Marks: Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is conducting MP Police Constable examination in various shifts from 19th August to 18th September 2017 at various centers ONLINE. Here we will provide Madhya Pradesh Police Constable Exam Question Papers with Answers Daily from 19 August to 18 September 2017 based on memory, and various online sources on our Mobile App, Facebook Page and Website by candidates. You can also share the MP Police Constable Exam Papers 19 August to 18 September 2017 in comment box and discuss the answer with candidates with possible cut-off Marks and other details.
MP Police Constable Exam Paper 15 September 2017: 
  • Who got the first Kuldeep Nayar Award? - ravish Kumar 
  • Who defeated Harshvardhan? - Pulcchein binary 
  • Which two states in the Pench District Project are? - Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh 
  • Which river falls from the eastern part of MP, in the episode of Bengal? - Mahanadi 
  • Which of these rivers falls in the Bay of Bengal? - Brahmaputra 
  • Where is the Omkareshwar Project? - Mandhana (Khandwa) 
  • Where is the headquarters of Indian Military Academy? - Dehradun 
  • What is Article 368 related to? - Constitutional amendment 
  • What did Adil Shah build from them? - round dome 
  • The area of a square is 64 square cm. If its diagonal is double the second, then what will be the length of the larger diagonal? - 16 
  • Panchamani is in which district? - Hoshangabad 
  • India’s largest rubber producing state? - Kerala 
  • Indian woman who was the president of the Congress convention? - Sarojini Naidu 
  • If the amount of 6800 rupees becomes Rs. 7840 at the simple interest rate in 3 years, then know the rate of ordinary interest? -  
  • Coconut: oil: fruits:? - juice 


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