MP Police Constable Paper 2 September 2017

MP Police Constable Exam Question Paper 2nd September 2017, Answers, Cut-Off Marks: Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is conducting MP Police Constable examination in various shifts from 19th August to 18th September 2017 at various centers ONLINE. Here we will provide Madhya Pradesh Police Constable Exam Question Papers with Answers Daily from 19 August to 18 September 2017 based on memory, and various online sources on our Mobile App, Facebook Page and Website by candidates. You can also share the MP Police Constable Exam Papers 19 August to 18 September 2017 in comment box and discuss the answer with candidates with possible cut-off Marks and other details.

MP Police Constable Exam Paper 2nd September 2017: 
  • Which state was separated from Madhya Pradesh? - Chhattisgarh (2000)
  • Who was the first Muslim president of India? - Zakir hussain
  • Who was the vice president of the Constituent Assembly? - Harendra Kumar Mukherjee
  • Who was the second president of the Administrative Reforms Commission? - Veerappa Moily
  • Who was the first national president of independent India? - JB Kripalani
  • Who was Meghnath Shah? - astronomers
  • Who made the Jama Masjid of Bhopal? - Nawab Junkiya Begum
  • Who is the present HR minister of India? - Prakash Javadekar
  • Who is the Chairman of the Planning Commission? - Narendra Modi
  • Who has given the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award? - Tanuja Mukherjee
  • Panchayati Raj was created by which committee? - Balwant Roy Committee
  • Orchha is on the banks of which river? - Betwa River
  • National Dairy Day is celebrated? - 26-Nov
  • GSAT SatelliteLite, where did the launch take place on June 29, 2017? - India
  • Who got the Food Prize in 2014? - Sanjay Rajaram
  • Who are the Chief of the Air Force? - BS Dhanova
  • Which of these tissues is not? - Geolim
  • Which line comes from Madhya Pradesh? - Tropic of Cancer
  • Which lady got the medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics? - Deepa owner
  • Which is the first month based on Sakshat? - Chaitra
  • Where is the iron ore found in Madhya Pradesh? - Balaghat
  • Whosoever eat fish, which vitamin is obtained? - B-12
  • Where is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands located? - In the Bay of Bengal
  • When did Telangana state was formed ? - 2014
  • What is the meaning of fishery? - PC culture
  • What is the highest level of organization? - Biosphere
  • The word ‘secular’ was added to which constitution? - 42rd Constitutional amendment 1976

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  1. These questions mean a lot to me. Because i have applied for the Military Police Head constable and i am preparing for the exams. Also they offer review to help understudies to complete their assignment easily And i also like to thanks you because i have written these questions on the clean page and latter learn it. Thanks