Phulpati Dance

Phulpati Dance of Madhya Pradesh: Phulpati Dance is performed by the unmarried girls of Madhya Pradesh. It is a dance, which celebrates nature. This dance form is performed by the girls belonging to the semi-rural areas. It is performed on the occasion of Holi. During the Holi festival the revelers cannot restrain themselves from coming out with some sort of dance movements to the uneven manipulation of drums.
Unmarried girls dress themselves in most beautiful and colorful attires and wear exotic ornaments in order to perform this Phulpati dance. Also this dance is performed in open environment so that a full devotion and enjoyment of nature can be taken. 
Holi is considered as their main festival for Malwa region people. They used to celebrate it with great pomp and show. Therefore in order to have full fun during their festival they celebrate their festival by giving performance by dance of Phulpati.
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