MP GK in English Quiz No 3 | MK GK Sample Paper Question and Answers

Madhya Pradesh (MP) GK Quiz No. 3 with Answers : Madhya Pradesh (MP) Samanya Gyan Quiz, Hindi GK Quiz Objective Questions with Answer for all competitive examination of MP State Government, MPPSC, MP Policem IBPS, SSC, BSF, Police Bharti, Teachers Exam, Admin services, State PSC, Bank, IBPS, CTET, MPTET and other examinations. This Madhya Pradesh (MP) GK Quiz or MK GK Sample Paper Question and Answers is based on MP SI Exam Paper 2012 held in previous years. Here is Sample Question Paper for all competitive examinations.
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Madhya Pradesh (MP) General Knowledge (GK) Quiz No. 3:
Q.1 Which one of the following Amendments has been described as Mini Constitution?
A. 42nd
B. 43rd
C. 52nd
D. 59th
Answer: A

Q.2 Which of the following organs the United Nations Organization elects/elect judges of the International Court of Justice?
A. The Economic and Social Council
B. The Security Council and the General Assembly
C. The Trusteeship Council and the Economic and Social Council
D. The Security Council
Answer: B

Q.3 In blogging the blogger with the help of his computer and the Internet
A. Puts out his ideas information photos etc on the Internet which can be accessed by any other person
B. Visits the Web site of another person and makes changes in the information posted thereon
C. Accesses another person’s computer and steals secret information stored therein
D. Accesses another computer and continuously exchanges information with it
Answer: A

Q.4 Power from powerhouses is often transmitted as alternating current at 33000 volts or more Why is power transmitted as such high voltage?
A. Transmission is faster at high voltages
B. Transmission loss is lower at high voltages
C. It is difficult to generate electricity at lower voltage
D. None of the above
Answer: B

Q.5 When a patient’s blood pressure is taken the pressure exerted by blood on the walls of the blood vessels is measured At what stage is this pressure measured?
A. When the heart sends out oxygenated blood to the body parts
B. When deoxygenated blood goes into the heart
C. At both the stages
D. At the in-between stage
Answer: C

Q.6 The winner of Indian Premier League 2012 is?
A. Chennai Super Kings
B. Delhi Daredevils
C. Kolkata Knight Riders
D. Mumbai Indians
Answer: C

Q.7 Which of the following is a tribal group of Africa?
A. Eskimos
B. Ainu
C. Fula
D. None of these
Answer: D

Q.8 The Chairman of the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is?
A. Prof. P. K. Dubey
B. Prof. P. K. Joshi
C. A. K. Pandey
D. P. K. Pandey
Answer: C

Q.9 The word ‘Satyameva Jayate’ in the National Emblem are taken from?
A. Mahabharata
B. Mundaka Upanishad
C. Kautilya’s Arthashastra
D. Samaveda
Answer: B

Q.10 The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through?
A. India
B. Egypt
C. Mexico
D. Iran
Answer: B

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  1. please correct answers:
    Tropic of cancer does not pass through Iran.(D)
    Fula(C) is a tribal group of Africa.