MP GK in English Quiz No 4 | MK GK Sample Paper Question and Answers

Madhya Pradesh (MP) GK Quiz No. 4 with Answers : Madhya Pradesh (MP) Samanya Gyan Quiz, Hindi GK Quiz Objective Questions with Answer for all competitive examination of MP State Government, MPPSC, MP Policem IBPS, SSC, BSF, Police Bharti, Teachers Exam, Admin services, State PSC, Bank, IBPS, CTET, MPTET and other examinations. This Madhya Pradesh (MP) GK Quiz or MK GK Sample Paper Question and Answers is based on MP SI Exam Paper 2012 held in previous years. Here is Sample Question Paper for all competitive examinations.
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Madhya Pradesh (MP) General Knowledge (GK) Quiz No. 4:
Q.1 Which country in Europe is called the ‘Land of Midnight Sun?
A. Norway
B. Finland
C. Iceland
D. Sweden
Answer: A

Q.2 Swami Vivekananda gained fame and recognition in the Western World after his address to the World Congress of Major Religions in 1893 In which city was this congress held?
A. London
B. Paris
C. Berlin
D. Chicago
Answer: D

Q.3 Where was Mother Teresa born?
A. India
B. Albania
C. Hungary
D. Poland
Answer: B

Q.4 Who was the first navigator to circumnavigate the Earth by the sea route?
A. Ferdinand Magellan
B. Marco Polo
C. Vasco da Gama
D. Christopher Columbus
Answer: A

Q.5 Which of the following countries was discovered by the famous Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama?
A. India
B. China
C. Australia
D. New Zealand
Answer: A

Q.6 What is an ecosystem?
A. The unit of man and all living beings which interact with each other
B. The unit comprised of man other living being and the plant kingdom
C. The unit comprised of all living being and their environment
D. That part of the Earth and the atmosphere where living beings are found
Answer: B

Q.7 Malaria affects lakhs of Indians every year Which part of the body is damaged by this disease?
A. Heart
B. Lungs
C. Spleen
D. Liver
Answer: C

Q.8 How does the Sun get its energy??
A. From gravitational pressure
B. From nuclear fission
C. From nuclear fusion
D. None of the above
Answer: C

Q.9 The Shahnama written by Firdausi tells the tale of kings of one country Which is this country?
A. Egypt
B. India
C. Turkey
D. Persia
Answer: D

Q.10 Which of the following statements is correct?
A. The entropy of the world keeps on increasing
B. The entropy of the world keeps on decreasing
C. The entropy of the world is constant
D. The entropy of the world increases and decreases in a cyclic manner
Answer: A

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  1. Correction:
    Q6. Ecosystem=biological entities and their environment.
    Q7. In early stages only red blood cells get affected. Later, Malaria mostly affects liver and spleen causing hepato and spleenomegaly. Also in advanced cases brain also gets affected causing cerebral malaria.